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Foam Backed Automotive Headliner 1/8""
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Foam Backed Automotive Headliner

*60" wide

Items that are marked with (*) denotes that the material is 64" wide

*1/8" Foam Backed


Foam Backed Automotive Headliner

This Headliner is the stock headliner in 99% of new cars. This is that material that falls down on the roof of the car and ruins your hair. So many people look at this and think that it is a HUGE task to get a new one. I am here to tell you a little secret, it isn't that hard. For most upholsterers, including us, this is a quick and easy replacement. Here is a synopsis of the whole ordeal that is the material on your head. For some reason almost all of the car company manufacturers install a headlinier, just like this. The only problem is that the original glue that they used to adhere the material to the foam was not a "High temperature" adhesive. Any glue that you adhere foam backed cloth to a cardboard shell is going to spread thin, High temp or not. Therefor whenever your car interior reaches a certain temperature, the material starts to release from the foam, and the board that it is glued to. So over time, more and more cloth separates from the foam and the cardboard headliner. The process is rather simple, infact, it really should only take about an hour to an hour and a half of labor time start to finish, permitting it is a standard headliner shell with no sunroof. The cardboard shell is taken out, the remaining cloth is taken off, and then the foam is scrapped off with a wire brush. Then Poof, a new pallet to adhere a brand new, "High Temp," headiner. I might also add that the glue that we use here in our shop is also High Temp. If you or your upholsterer need any help please feel free to call! Now here are the available colors;


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