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Jacobs Upholstery customizes slipcovers to fit your furniture. It is not a one size fits all that you regularly see in the stores.  We give you exactly want you want.


We believe you should not be able to tell if your furniture is upholstered or slip covered. This specialized fit allows you to use the slipcover for all occasions! We can give you the look you desire.


A slipcover is one of the quickest ways for a decorative facelift.  If you have a chair covered in outdated fabrics, a slipcover will change it's character.  If the seat and back cushions have flattened with age, we can add some extra filling. 

We slipcover all types of sofas, chairs, pillows, ottomans, dining room chairs, folding chairs. And this is just the start of the list. Basically, if its furniture, we can slip covered!



Fabrics for Slipcovers: At Jacobs Upholstery, we have thousands of fabric available for slip covering your furniture. Check out fabrics at our: slipcover fabrics page  Please note, we have not displayed all of our slipcover fabrics online - but we do have access to hundreds of fabrics - we can send you out samples - just let us know what your color and texture preference is!



Any reasonably sturdy fabric can be used for slipcovers, such as cotton canvas.  Common sense dictates that the fabric should be washable.  However, for a more formal look dry cleaned fabrics might be used. 

Give a call at 1-800-481-6033 with your slipcover questions!